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Residential Property Management | It isn’t just about collecting rent and charging a fee.



The Bayleys Way

We have a proven system for working together; our diligent process ensures you receive the highest rent possible, along with top quality tenants, and a low-cost approach to any maintenance issues.

FAQs for landlords

Property Management is more than handling the rent – we take care of everything for you, making the entire journey stress-free and enjoyable!

Bayleys will visit your property to discuss your goals, relevant details, and our advice for getting your property ready to rent. We also provide you with a market rental appraisal and up to date industry news and regulations. Our consultation is free of charge and obligation.

If you decide to go ahead, together we will sign the Property Management Agreement.

Bayleys will promote your property to find the right tenants. We use our databases, signage, TradeMe, word of mouth and our website to find the right fit for you.

Security of your property is taken seriously. All viewings by potential tenants are undertaken with a Bayleys Property Manager present.

Extreme care is taken when selecting tenants for your property. Several checks are in place to ensure only the best tenants are picked. Or, we can provide you with a shortlist to make your own informed decision.

Once we have vetted the tenants and with your approval the Tenancy Agreement is signed. The tenant is required to pay all rent, bond (equivalent of up to 4 weeks rent) and letting fees prior to moving in.

Payment of rent commences. Rent is paid in advance and monitored on a daily basis. Bayleys organises collection of rent and deducts the fees + GST and expenses, paying the balance directly into your account either once a month or twice a month.

Rent collection is our top priority. Our agreements allow for regular rent appraisals to ensure you are getting the best possible return on your investment. Robust auditing and reporting ensures every cent is accounted for. Bayleys has a zero rent arrears policy and a proven system for collecting missed payments.

We keep a close eye on your property – no less than four times a year – in addition to our regular inspections we do comprehensive inspections at the start and end of every tenancy.

We know you want to maintain your valuable asset; we can make things easy for you by arranging and managing all repairs and maintenance – always talking to you first.

Together we can review the tenancy and discuss your goals going forward. Providing the Tenancy Agreement terms are met, either party can end the tenancy. Whatever the decision, we make this process smooth for you.

Why our landlords rely on the team at Bayleys

Bayleys Property Management in the North is a fresh approach in property management.

Our promise is a rewarding and stress-free experience for owners and tenants.

Each member of our team of property managers carries his or her own portfolio of rental properties and is responsible for the day to day management of those properties covering tenant selection, rental collection, regular inspections, organising maintenance, and ‘trouble shooting’ where necessary.

Being a landlord may seem easy. Simply find a tenant, install them and watch the rent build up in your account. Property Managers know otherwise. Landlords often discover that while they may enjoy owning a rental property, they find the day to day management more time consuming and stressful than they imagined.

Because we have extensive experience in the market we are able to advise on the optimum rental for your property size and location, setting a rental rate which both gives the best return on your investment and minimises vacancies.

If you are considering purchasing a rental property our Bayleys Property Managers can advise on the best areas to buy in and types of property most in demand in the current market.

Your property will be photographed, after we have given any necessary advice on presentation for the rental market, and advertised on the internet and on daily office lists and window displays.

The vital element, often time consuming and difficult, with potential pitfalls, tenant selection can be much more effective when performed by a professional third party rather than by the property owner. Bayleys tenant selection process includes safeguards, reference checks and credit references if required.

All tenants must meet Bayleys criteria, established over years in the business. to be eligible for a rental property.

Once a suitable tenant is selected:

Tenancy agreements are prepared and signed; these include bond collection and lodgement.

Knowing your rent will be paid on time is vital to the profitable management of your property and your peace of mind. Handing over this responsibility to Bayleys Rentals eliminates the landlord’s greatest concern. Rent payments are monitored on a daily basis, any non-payment immediately identified and followed up. Tenants know we are ‘on their case’. Rent is disbursed into landlords’ accounts by direct credit either at the end of each month and a statement emailed to the landlord, with copies of any accounts posted.

Your statement will show:

  • Rent received
  • Any payments made or collected on your behalf e.g. water rates
  • Any maintenance carried out on your behalf
  • Bayleys Rentals commission plus GST
  • The balance as direct credited to your account

This statement provides an efficient record for entry into your own spreadsheet, or records; and/or to file for tax purposes.

Bayleys operates under the government regulator REAA (Real Estate Agents Authority)

Bayleys license under the REAA provides landlords with the security of knowing that all financial dealings are independently audited. This may not be true of operators who work outside the government regulated body.

Our system is so good, Tenancy Tribunal hearings are rare. Should they be unavoidable, and an issue with your tenancy require a tenancy tribunal hearing, Bayleys Rentals represent you at all hearings and keeps you informed of progress and outcomes.

Bayleys is very experienced in the tenancy tribunal process, their knowledge of the legal rights of both landlord and tenant reducing the likelihood of tribunal hearings, but ensuring when necessary the tribunal ‘weight’ is quickly brought to bear and in your best interests. Their direct line to Tenancy Practice Service for tenancy consulting is valuable backup.

Your property will be inspected three to four times per year and you will be supplied with a report which notes any work required or highlights future maintenance issues.

If your property is not kept to the required standard, the tenant is advised then followed up and the property is re-inspected until your property manager is satisfied.

The responsibilities of both owner and tenant are stated clearly in our tenancy agreements.

‘Who does what’ is defined and understood by both – from simple stuff like a light bulb or tap washer replacement to responsibility for gas, electricity and telephone charges and water rates.

You can agree that Bayleys Rentals handle any repairs and maintenance to a set amount or that we advise you and let you decide whether we or you arrange them. Bayleys use qualified independent contractors at specially negotiated rates, and if required can get quotes verified with the owner before proceeding.

While we officially work normal office hours we are available 24/7 in the event that an issue needs to be addressed urgently outside office hours. Weekend work is often necessary for tenant selection.

Want us to manage your rental property for you?

Reach out to a rental property agent close to you and we'll get started. Considering renting your property? Bayleys Property Management in the North would be delighted to help and respects the value of your investment.

Our Property Managers would be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation rental appraisal.

Call us any time or fill out our form and we will be in touch.

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